A little something for me. I hope.

I’ve been sewing for me. I love when that happens! I should do it more often.

What I don’t like is how I just dive right into things without planning. I’m a visual person, so I tend to just start cutting and putting together without much time to think. Sometimes that works out fine, especially for Squishy’s clothes since kids don’t have curves to consider. But for me it usually means sew a bit, go to the bathroom to try on and look in the mirror, try to work out how much to take in, sew a bit more, add a pleat here to hide my gaping neckline, back to the bathroom to try on again, unpick and resew… you get the idea.

I know, I need a dress form. And an overlocker. OH YES! I would LOVE an overlocker. I have an overedge foot on my machine that finishes edges nicely but it takes FOREVER. And yes, I’m aware that I’m blaming the equipment. But I still want an overlocker and a dress form. Please and Thank you.

Light cotton singlet top

The top.

See how there is a band across the bottom? That’s what happens when you don’t think before you cut. The straps are also supposed to tie at each shoulder, but I didn’t make enough bias tape and barely had enough to join them with a zigzag stitch. I do give myself credit for MAKING bias tape though, I’ve only done it a few times but it makes such a difference.

I think I’ve managed to save this top. Maybe a little fabric flower or two on the front there and a piece of elastic in the back to bring it in just a bit. We shall see.

Nicola xx