The problem with t-shirt scarves

See it? No? Here’s a better look:

FLUFF! Maybe it was the t-shirt I used, but it left little fluffy bits EVERYWHERE. I’m a little put off making these now, which is annoying because there are a million cute versions all over Pinterest. I think maybe I will try again, with a bigger tshirt too so that it makes a more full-looking scarf.

I’ve been super productive today. Not only have I attempted the t-shirt scarf, but I’ve also finished off some wool-wrapped bottles that I started the other day and a braided bracelet that I started about 4 or 5 months ago! Loving this lovely tidy craft room, makes me feel happy.

My version of wool-wrapped bottles

5 strand braided bracelet with zip flower

As well as all that, I’ve also been working on a few things that will be posted with tutorials when I’m done.

Hooray for productiveness!


Me and the lady at the shoe store

The lady at my local shoe store is my new best friend. And not because she supplies me with large amounts of gorgeous shoes (I wish!) but because she saves shoeboxes for me.

You see, I like to organise. Probably too much, but when one hoards craft things or even non-craft things that may be incorporated into craft things, one needs a sensible way to sort these things.

I’ve been spending the day sorting out my craft room. At Christmas time we took my cutting table out and have been using it as a makeshift outdoor table which messed with the order of my room. Well, I’ll be honest, it wasn’t tidy before but at least I knew where everything was! While it has been gone I’ve hoarded a whole bunch of new stuff and it all just got shoved in there. It’s time, it needed a good sort out.

Here’s where the shoeboxes come into it. They are good for storing all kinds of craft things. This is what I’ve got so far:

box for storing things I haven't finished yet

The work-in-progress pile. I'm hoping that the limitations of the shoebox will help to keep this pile under control.

Shelf storage

Storage on my shelf: Painting stuff, drawing stuff, wrapping stuff, cards/tags, anything really.

Smaller fabric scraps sorted into types.

More storage in the wardrobe. Plus a whole pile of shoebox lids to be dealt to at a later date.

And then there are the other places that shoeboxes have snuck into:

My wardrobe shelves: socks etc


and my scarf collection.

And lastly, cleaning products. We have a big laundry cupboard where I keep all kinds of stuff hidden away from little toddler hands. But the shelves are really deep and dark so having everything sorted into shoeboxes makes it really easy to just pull out what I need.

Sorted into types and easily accessible.

I picked up a whole pile of shoeboxes yesterday and they are all being used already. I think I’m going to have to visit my friend at the shoe store again soon. And decide what to do with all of those stray lids!

I love shoeboxes. And I love everything having a proper place to go. One day I’ll get around to covering the fronts of them in pretty fabrics with clear labels. The vivid isn’t quite cutting it.

N xx