Some new hairclips and a little how to

I’m on a roll with completing projects at the moment. The other day I finally glued the alligator clips to the felt shapes to finish up the new hairclips for Squishy. Why didn’t I do that sooner? It took no time at all!

A nice pile of new hairclips for Miss Squish.

Wanna know how they were made? I’ll do my best to explain the steps.

We'll start with the big circles. These look complicated but they really aren't. They are made from a whole lot of circles in different sizes. For the one on the left, the circles are folded in quarters and stitched to a base circle. The one on the right is made in the same way, except the circles are folded in half, then into 3. You can experiment a lot with different fabrics with these, have a play and see what you can come up with.

For this navy clip I cut 3 sets of 3 circles from felt, and stitched them together with embroidery floss and added a knot at the top of each stitch to make it stand out. I then glued each set of circles to the alligator clip, slightly overlapping each other.

This yellow flower clip is made with felt and repurposed denim. Made in the same way as the navy circle sets above, these yellow circles are stitched together tightly to create the slight ruffle in the felt. All of the pieces are glued to a base piece of felt before being glued to the clip.

These ones are made with the same circles that I used in the first clips except this time they are just folded in half and stacked on top of each other using hot glue to hold them all together. The smallest circle is folded and glued around the whole stack to tidy up the edge. Again, be creative with the fabrics. Who knows what you might come up with!

This one is pretty simple, I'm sure you've probably seen the technique before. One wide strip with the ends glued together. One smaller strip wrapped around the center to bunch it together like a bow. Easy.

I love making hair accessories. They are so quick and easy and there are so many different options.

Next time I’ll take photos and do a proper tutorial for you :)


I’m a Pinterest Addict – Hair Comb DIY

And proud of it. Who’s with me?!

But rather than just wandering through pinterest and feeling creative, I need to actually attempt some of the awesome things that others have made and pinned. Cue BLOG – because that was one of my reasons for starting it!

A few weeks ago, I saw this floating around and just had to pin it:

Embroidery Floss Decorated Hair Comb Tutorial

Embroidery Floss Decorated Hair Comb

I absolutely LOVE these things. My hair is a little crazy at the moment because I haven’t had it cut since July and one of these babies just spices things up and makes me happy about my hair again! Brilliant.

Katie from Lemon Jitters has provided a great tutorial but once you get started it’s kind of addictive and you can’t help but play around and come up with new patterns! Here’s a pic of my attempts:

Embroidery Thread Decorated Hair Combs

My attempt at decorating hair combs with embroidery thread.

I’m pretty happy with them. The hair combs came in a pack of 6 so I’ll definitely be whipping up a few more of these. Or maybe I should have a play and see what other pretty things I can do to them? Hmm.

Starting out is hard. If you have the time could you please give me a quick hello so that I know I’m actually writing for someone? And please introduce yourselves and point me in the direction of your blog if you have one. I’d love to have a read.

Nicola xx