Stack of large size cloth nappies

Done! Finally.

This particular unfinished project has been weighing on my mind for a VERY long time. I just looked up my shopping history, I bought the fabric for this set of nappies on the 27th October last year. That’s a long time to make 22 nappies!

Now it’s not really the nappies that take that long, it’s me and my procrastinating. The last nappy sat unfinished on my table for about a month because I was short one piece of velcro. To be fair, I was waiting to see if a friend had any lying around, but really I should have just used a different colour and I would have been done ages ago.

Look at the pretty colours!

Don’t they look nice and bright and colourful? This isn’t even all of the colours, but since there will never be a time that all 22 nappies are clean and dry at the same time this is the best I can do.

Squish has been wearing half mediums, half larges for a while now. It feels good to have this project crossed off and to stop stretching the elastic on the medium set.

Here’s a little info on this style of nappies:

  • They are pocket nappies, made from PUL outer (with pretty cotton print at the top) and suedecloth inner.
  • I used a bought pattern that my friend gave me (which I altered to add in the cotton print), but there are heaps of free patterns available, just do a quick Google search.
  • I used darker colours of suedecloth (black, red, green) because I figured that would save me time worrying about stains, but I’ve found suedecloth to be much more resistant to stains than the microfleece anyway.
  • I use a microfibre insert (see below). I bought microfibre fabric and cut 35 x 35cm squares which I fold into 3 to stuff inside. Mostly because I’m too lazy to make proper inserts (can I please have an overlocker?), but they also dry super quick this way and work well.
  • I use flushable liners, but if it’s just pee I throw them in the wash too. Different brands vary, but I’ve found you can get at least 2 or 3 goes out of one liner. I had a really good brand once that stood up to about 5 or 6 washes, but my supplier changed the liners she was getting in and I haven’t found any as good since.
  • I buy my nappy fabrics from Greenbeans NZ. Best quality NZ supplier, in my opinion. Good prices too.
  • I use velcro, not snaps. I love the secure and adjustable fit. I borrowed a cloth nappy with snaps once, and HATED it. Took me so long to get it done up! Probably because I’m so used to velcro though.

Here’s some close ups for you:


Here you can see the insert folded into 3.

And that’s it! One pile of large size MCNs all done. And do you know what’s awesome about making your own? It works out to about $7 NZ per nappy. All you gotta do is find the time!

If you want to have a go at making your own nappies and you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email and I’ll do my best to help.

Happy nappy making!

Nicola x

I have an addiction.

There. I said it. Well, actually it’s not my only addiction:

Of course it doesn’t help when Spotlight have a 30% off storewide sale, which includes things already on clearance.

This is my loot I got this morning:

Pile of fabric

My new loot.

I actually went to buy thread, because it’s kinda expensive and always good to get on special. But of course I had to check out the clearance table because the only thing better than marked down fabric, is 30% off marked down fabric.

This was my first find:

Blue and green chevron flannelette

Blue and green chevron flannelette

This is going to make some awesome pyjama pants. It was on the fabric clearance table for $3, I got 2 metres so with the discount it came to $4.20.

Then I stumbled across another clearance table with marked down fat quarters and bagged fabric remnants. So I hunted through and got these:

Two fat quarters

Two fat quarters

A pile of knits in blues and grey. Check out the cute little penguins in the boats!

And a pile of knits in yellow, pinks and cream.

I love getting new fabric. But I LOVE getting new fabric for cheap.

And it gets even better. A couple of my friends have given me fabric lately too, just bits and pieces that they have no use for. Like this:

A disney curtain and some khaki green corduroy.

I am in love with that curtain. It’s awesome vintageness. Check out what I found on the selvage:


It’s a pretty big curtain too, and in really good condition considering it was probably hung in a kids room a while ago.

And the other lot of fabric gifted to me last week:

Fluffy green and mystery blue.

These are stretchy, but I have no idea what they are. Luckily, I have Dana Willard’s new book The Fabric Selector and in it she tells you how to work out a fabric’s composition based on the smell and the way it burns when you light a small piece. I’ll have to get on to that.

Just in case you wanna buy it:

I have far too much fabric. My shelves were already full and now I have to find a place to put all this.

How terrible! :)

Nicola x