Tutorial: Repurpose Jeans to Clutch

These days, my handbag is full of 95% Squish stuff, 5% my stuff. So when I get the chance to go out without her I either have to take all of her stuff out and carry a sad, empty looking bag, or just carry my wallet and phone. Until last week, when I finally got around to making myself a new clutch, the day before going out for dinner with friends!

It’s made from an old pair of my husband’s jeans, and the piece I used is also leftover from another project that I needed the jeans for. Perfect repurpose!

Just the right size for the essentials: phone, keys and cards.

Wanna make one yourself?

Go find some jeans! (or use something else for the outer fabric)


  • Outer fabric
  • Inner fabric
  • Double fold bias tape/binding (or single fold, and iron it in half lengthwise like I did!)
  • Scrap fabric and button for embellishing (optional)

Cut your fabrics to the desired size. Make the width the same size that you want your finished clutch to be, and the length 3 x longer than the finished length. I cut my jeans so that the pocket was straight which meant that the top edge was angled (original waistband). The inner and outer fabrics should be the same size. If your binding is single fold, iron it in half now.

Unpick the top of any belt loops that are in the way. We will sew them back down over the binding soon.

With fabrics wrong sides together, sew binding on to top edge (the edge with the belt loops). I just sandwiched it on, but if you have the time and patience, you may like to sew the binding on properly. Repeat for the bottom edge. Sew the belt loops back down if you have any.

If you are new to binding, check out Dana from Made’s tutorial:

Fold the bottom up as far as you want it to go. Mine was just over a third, because I didn't want the top flap to fold all the way down.

Now it's time to bind the edges. To encase the ends nicely, you will need to open up the bias tape, fold the top down and the side over. You may need to tuck the folded piece in a bit so that it is nice and neat. You may notice my binding skills aren't that good in these pictures. I was rushing, I should have done it the proper way.

Now you should have something looking like this. Woohoo! Nearly there. Time to embellish if that's your kinda thing. Whoops, looks like I missed the second line of stitching on the lefthand side.

Cut out your shape. I just freehand cut a flower out of the same fabric as the lining, but you can use whatever scrap fabric you like and cut any shape.

Sew carefully around the edge of your shape, about 3mm from the edge. You could pin or use fusible web to keep it in place, but I was in too much of a hurry for that. You could also have done this step right at the beginning on just the outer fabric so that the stitching doesn't show through on the inside. It doesn't really matter too much though.

Sew a pretty button on or finish embellishing however you like and you are DONE!

A quick and easy clutch, just the perfect size for everything you need when going out for dinner with some lovely friends. Or to the movies. Or to someone’s house for coffee. Without all that kid stuff. Wooooo!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, thanks for stopping by. It takes me so long to put a tutorial together, I really hope some of you have a go and make some awesome clutches for yourself or maybe as gifts for your friend/mum/sister etc.

Let me know if you need any help with any of the steps. I’m just an email or a comment away :)

Nicola xx