Show me your neutral

In case you missed it, the other day I announced that I’M PREGNANT! I’m actually about halfway through but thought it was about time I shared our news with the blogging world.

Quick story: When I was pregnant with Squish, we wanted to see whether she was a boy or girl. We went along to our 20wk scan, keen to see our beautiful baby again and check that all was well, but also looking forward to getting a sneak peek of who this baby was. She was fast asleep, with her legs crossed, one hand over her genitals and the other hand up with one finger pointing.

Last week, we went along for our 20wk scan for Squirmy. We were so excited to see baby, and again interested to know if it was a boy or girl. This one was happily sitting with it’s knees pulled up by it’s chest, butt facing outwards. Apparently we breed babies that just don’t wanna let us know. I probably won’t have another scan, so we’ll just wait patiently again and look forward to meeting our little Squirmy in a few more months.

Right, back to what this post was actually about. Gender neutral baby stuff. With Squishy I didn’t let myself get too excited and I only made her really practical things like sheets and nappies before she was born. This time is going to be different. This time I’m going to get really baby-excited and make as many awesome baby things as I can fit in, but since I don’t know the gender, I’m looking for ideas of things that will suit any flavour baby. I’m not into pale colours, so no typical pale greens and yellows for us. I’m going to have to get creative. Shouldn’t be a problem, right?

So far, these are some ideas I’ve thought of for projects: (Click images for links)

Sweet and Simple Swaddling Blankets by Delia Creates

Except I’d of course need to use different fabrics. I’ve got some already that will be perfect for a few of these!

Freshly Picked Baby Hats by Delia Creates

Cute hats right? Maybe I can come up with some other cool fruits to model hats after.

Knit Baby Blanket and Baby Hats by Make It and Love It

Obviously not in bright pink or embellished with flowers, but the idea, YES.

Re-Purpose: Stuffed Owl by Make It and Love It

Cute little stuffed toys made from repurposed materials? YES.

DIY Baby Rag Quilt by Do It Yourself Divas

Nana is making Squish one of these for her 2nd birthday, but I’ve got everything I need to make a mini bassinet version for Squirmy!

Felt Owl Mobile by Homemade be Jill

I’m not really on the Owl bandwagon, but I’ve got plenty of felt to make a cute mobile.

That’s just a handful of the ideas that are spinning around in my head right now. Obviously some of them will need different fabrics etc. to make them gender neutral but they will still work. Now I just need to decide on a colour scheme/theme to plan everything around! Oh exciting!

I’ve been pinning lots of other ideas if you are after some baby sewing/crafting inspiration too.

What great unisex baby ideas do you have? Leave me a comment or send me an email with your ideas, I’d love to hear all about them!

Nic x

The Tale of Squishy and Squirmy

A little story for you on the origin of Squishy’s nickname.

Once upon a time, a Mummy and a Daddy decided to have a baby. They were super excited when they found out that they were pregnant, and gave the little baby a nickname right away. Bob the Blob. As the pregnancy progressed, so did the nicknames. It soon became Cletus the Foetus, and when they heard the heartbeat for the first time, baby was nicknamed Pacman (you know, because the heartbeat sounds like Pacman… wop, wop, wop).

Towards the end of the nine months, the Mummy and the Daddy started looking more closely at the little newborn babies they saw in their day-to-day activities. They decided that they all looked kinda simlar, kinda squishy. From then on, the baby (and all newborn babies for that matter!) was nicknamed Squishy.

Squishy was born, and they loved her so SO much. The nickname lovingly stuck.

After a while, Squishy’s Mummy and Daddy decided that they would like to add another little squishy to their family. They were equally as thrilled to find out that they were pregnant again, but since it was the second pregnancy and they already had a toddler to deal with, the nicknames didn’t immediately come to mind.

It wasn’t until around 15wks when the Mummy AND the Daddy felt the baby doing backflips or something in there for the first time, that they knew exactly what this baby’s nickname should be. Squirmy.

(and just in case you’re wondering, or you didn’t quite get my not-so-subtle hinting, yes that is an announcement)

Nic xx

I have an addiction.

There. I said it. Well, actually it’s not my only addiction:

Of course it doesn’t help when Spotlight have a 30% off storewide sale, which includes things already on clearance.

This is my loot I got this morning:

Pile of fabric

My new loot.

I actually went to buy thread, because it’s kinda expensive and always good to get on special. But of course I had to check out the clearance table because the only thing better than marked down fabric, is 30% off marked down fabric.

This was my first find:

Blue and green chevron flannelette

Blue and green chevron flannelette

This is going to make some awesome pyjama pants. It was on the fabric clearance table for $3, I got 2 metres so with the discount it came to $4.20.

Then I stumbled across another clearance table with marked down fat quarters and bagged fabric remnants. So I hunted through and got these:

Two fat quarters

Two fat quarters

A pile of knits in blues and grey. Check out the cute little penguins in the boats!

And a pile of knits in yellow, pinks and cream.

I love getting new fabric. But I LOVE getting new fabric for cheap.

And it gets even better. A couple of my friends have given me fabric lately too, just bits and pieces that they have no use for. Like this:

A disney curtain and some khaki green corduroy.

I am in love with that curtain. It’s awesome vintageness. Check out what I found on the selvage:


It’s a pretty big curtain too, and in really good condition considering it was probably hung in a kids room a while ago.

And the other lot of fabric gifted to me last week:

Fluffy green and mystery blue.

These are stretchy, but I have no idea what they are. Luckily, I have Dana Willard’s new book The Fabric Selector and in it she tells you how to work out a fabric’s composition based on the smell and the way it burns when you light a small piece. I’ll have to get on to that.

Just in case you wanna buy it:

I have far too much fabric. My shelves were already full and now I have to find a place to put all this.

How terrible! :)

Nicola x

Where I’ve been lately…

Ugh. Fallen of the planet? Not quite, but I have felt like that a little bit lately. When I started this blog I was so enthusiastic and I have a huge list of ideas of things to share with you all. But then life gets in the way and I guess I haven’t figured out how to balance everything yet.

But anyway, moving on. I have managed to get back into my sewing room recently and have actually completed a few things.

Like these cute little baby hats:

It’s a miracle those hats got completed these last few weeks, but it was one of those tutorials you see that you just HAVE to get started on straight away. Even though I don’t have any babies to give them to yet. Actually, I do have some friends who are growing babies at the moment… if you are reading this, act surprised!

What I should have been doing is trying to complete some of my unfinished projects instead of starting new ones! Here’s a little sample of what I’ve got lying around unfinished:

Pencil case pieces cut out ready to sew

Unfinished: Pencil Case, cut out ready to sew.

Felt shapes and alligator clips

Unfinished: Felt hairclips ready to be glued.

Polystyrene ball with finger knitting wrapped around

Unfinished: Finger-knitted wool-wrapped ball needing a little more patience.

Cloth nappy materials

Unfinished: Squishy's large set of cloth nappies. 12 down, 6 to go.

Fleece pieces for monster soft toy

Unfinished: Monster soft toy ready to be sewn.

More info on each of these projects as I get through them.

And then there’s the HUGE list of things that I want to get started on as well. Things get added very frequently but just don’t get completed that fast! Guess I better get a move on!

Nicola xx

The things I rely on.

Over the last few weeks there have been a couple of occasions where we have been without a car for a few days at a time. And in a few days I’m going to lose my laptop for a bit because it’s been having issues and needs to be sent away (naughty laptop!). Don’t worry about me though, I’ll just boot my husband off of his computer :)

It’s got me thinking about how much I rely on things. I definitely rely on having a car. I totally take for granted the fact that I (usually) have a car sitting in the garage ready for us to use whenever we need it. Lots of people don’t have a car or don’t drive and they get along just fine, but it has been a bit of a challenge for me. Although I’ve realised that it’s actually not that hard to find other ways of getting around, it’s just that it was too easy not to.

But since losing one big thing that I relied heavily on, I’ve had to rely on several other things: friends allowing me to borrow their umbrella stroller so that we can get on and off the train more easily, trains running on time (and just having to deal with being late when they are not!), other friends ferrying us to and from the airport, the weather (since I’m not walking around in the rain!).

I guess if I never had a car to use my life would be organised differently and I would be worrying about losing something else that I relied on. No point thinking about that.

I’m not sure that I’ve ever mentioned that I have never had my own sewing machine. I used to rely on the fact that I could borrow our sewing machine from work whenever I wanted (I used to work in an after school programme, we had a machine to teach the kids how to sew). I now have my mother-in-law’s machine, and am relying on her to continue to be happy for me to use it. I think I’ve had it for 2 or 3 yrs now! Thanks Tricia! One day I’ll get my own shiny new sewing machine, and overlocker, and a big sewing/craft room…

I’ve also been thinking about how fortunate I am. I have a gorgeous, healthy little girl and a wonderful husband who works his butt off to take care of us all and to allow me to spend my time sewing and crafting and then blogging about it! I definitely rely on him to continue to take care of us, I hope he realises how much we appreciate it. What more could you really need?

What do you rely on? Family to help out with the care of your children? A friend to drive you to work? Your 50 yr old sewing machine to just keep on going?

Nicola xx

I vow to never buy wrapping paper again

Christmas has been and gone, and we had a wonderful time. But what I hate to see is the huge pile of wrapping paper and other non-reusable (well not after little fingers have ripped through it all) gift wrapping things that are left over.

I’ve decided that I will no longer purchase wrapping paper, cards, tags or labels to wrap gifts. I will blog my efforts and I encourage you to join me. Help me cut down on all the crap heading into our landfills.

Luckily for me, I’m not the only one who thinks this way and there is loads of inspiration around the place. Cue Pinterest:

DIY Fabric ribbon

DIY Fabric ribbon

Woven paper gift topper and newspaper

Woven Paper gift topper with newspaper

Salt Dough gift tags

Salt Dough gift tags

Alternative gift wrapping ideas

Ideas using things from the hardware store

I  can’t wait to give some of these a go. I have a few birthdays coming up so I’ll get a chance pretty soon.

Has anyone got any alternative gift wrapping ideas? I think I’m good for embellishments but there is probably only so many gifts I can wrap in newspaper so I could do with some more ideas there.

Nicola xx

Journey into the Unknown

Well hello! Not too sure who will actually read this since it is my first post but hey, THIS IS MY FIRST POST! Woooo! Can you tell I’m excited? Good.

Make. Think. Sew. has been a dream of mine for a little while now. Well, the idea of getting myself online and out there was, I just wasn’t quite sure which way to go. But having settled on the idea of a blog and finally feeling comfortable with a name, I am ready to get stuck in and do something.

Look out for me in the blog-world, I’ll be around officially introducing myself to the blogs I already love and follow, and hopefully coming across new (to me) wonderful blogs to follow too.

Woooooo! (Just had to add another one)

Nicola :)