New Pants


Pile-o-pants. Well, leggings really. I made these for Squish a while ago and have just realised I never posted about them.

Little Miss needed some new leggings for winter, and on my recent trips to fabric shops I had bought lots of knit fabric because “that will make really cute leggings”. So it was about time I got around to making them!

The best thing about leggings is that they are super simple to make. But since I didn’t take any photos of the process and I’m just not in the mood for making some more and writing a full tutorial, I hunted one down that is similar to what did in case my quick written instructions don’t make any sense at all (quite likely!)

But I’ll have a go at explaining what I did because it was a little different. The Make It and Love It tutorial uses a symmetrical pattern piece which I’m sure works fine, but I wanted to have more butt space to make sure there was enough cloth nappy bum room. Shop pants do have bigger back halves so I wanted to use the same idea. I did use two pieces of fabric like Jess though so the actual sewing part of the tutorial is the same.

Using a pair of store-bought leggings, I created my pattern piece. I turned them inside out and folded them in half, tracing one half. Then I flipped them over to trace the second half because the back had a slightly wider crotch bit and came up higher at the top. Make sense? Sorry. If you would like a proper tutorial, let me know. I’ll see what I can do.

But anyway, sewn together in the same way as Jess’ tutorial, I ended up with a bunch of new leggings to keep squish warm through winter.

5 new pairs for approximately $10 total. Brilliant. Oh those black ones are really thick too, nice and toasty warm.


Nic xx

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