A new dress. Because I can.

I’ve been noticing a trend on some of the blogs I follow. Each holiday, the blogger makes (or buys) a new outfit for their children. For example:

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Made by Rae's Pale Pink Peekaboo Dress and Bonnet

Craftiness Is Not Optional's Easter Dress number 1

and Craftiness Is Not Optional's Easter Dress number 2

Simple Simon & Company's Chocolate Chicken Easter Dress

It was the same for Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving and basically any holiday that comes along. Is this an American thing? Do you guys always wear special clothes and decorate your homes at every opportunity? Don’t get me wrong, I think that’s awesome. We Kiwi’s obviously don’t know how to get into the spirit of things.

But then I realised, I’ve made Squish a new skirt or dress for special occasions before. How is that any different? Apparently I’ve been doing the same thing all along!

So anyway, back to what this post was actually about. Miss Squish’s fancy new Easter dress. I made it yesterday while she was having a nap then finished it off with the pockets last night. She got to wear it today to her little friend’s house for an easter egg hunt and it will also be shown off on a trip to visit friends on Tuesday. Behold:

She looks kinda Christmassy with those cute little red shoes, which by the way, are from Joyfolie. If you haven’t heard of them you MUST check out their shoes!

The dress is made using a longsleeve tshirt pattern, I just extended the length and flared it out at the bottom a little. It was looking a little naked until a friend suggested pockets! Pockets was exactly what this dress needed. I used Made by Rae’s Pleated Pocket Tutorial, except I gathered the fabric instead of pleated because me and that fabric were just not getting along.

She loves those pockets. As soon as she put the dress on she was trying to shove her little squishy hands into them.

And of course because I said “let’s go and play outside so I can take some photos” she did this:

But she eventually came back so I could get another one of the front.

But that’s it. We were running late so I had to stop and rush everyone out the door.

Hope you are all having a very Happy Easter!

Nicola xx

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