I have an addiction.

There. I said it. Well, actually it’s not my only addiction:

Of course it doesn’t help when Spotlight have a 30% off storewide sale, which includes things already on clearance.

This is my loot I got this morning:

Pile of fabric

My new loot.

I actually went to buy thread, because it’s kinda expensive and always good to get on special. But of course I had to check out the clearance table because the only thing better than marked down fabric, is 30% off marked down fabric.

This was my first find:

Blue and green chevron flannelette

Blue and green chevron flannelette

This is going to make some awesome pyjama pants. It was on the fabric clearance table for $3, I got 2 metres so with the discount it came to $4.20.

Then I stumbled across another clearance table with marked down fat quarters and bagged fabric remnants. So I hunted through and got these:

Two fat quarters

Two fat quarters

A pile of knits in blues and grey. Check out the cute little penguins in the boats!

And a pile of knits in yellow, pinks and cream.

I love getting new fabric. But I LOVE getting new fabric for cheap.

And it gets even better. A couple of my friends have given me fabric lately too, just bits and pieces that they have no use for. Like this:

A disney curtain and some khaki green corduroy.

I am in love with that curtain. It’s awesome vintageness. Check out what I found on the selvage:


It’s a pretty big curtain too, and in really good condition considering it was probably hung in a kids room a while ago.

And the other lot of fabric gifted to me last week:

Fluffy green and mystery blue.

These are stretchy, but I have no idea what they are. Luckily, I have Dana Willard’s new book The Fabric Selector and in it she tells you how to work out a fabric’s composition based on the smell and the way it burns when you light a small piece. I’ll have to get on to that.

Just in case you wanna buy it:

I have far too much fabric. My shelves were already full and now I have to find a place to put all this.

How terrible! :)

Nicola x

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One Response to I have an addiction.

  1. Kate says:

    love the chevron flannelette…hunted for some more flannelette on the clearance table but none left :-(
    but did get a bag of remnants for $3.50!!!

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