Repurpose: Pallet to Wall Art

Something you will notice about me is that I am so very CHEAP. Meaning, I have no interest in paying for things unless I have to, or at least not full price. Repurposing things is great for this particular trait, because not only does it cost me nothing, it also reuses something I wasn’t using!

A few weeks ago, a lady came to my door selling oil paintings. The paintings were gorgeous, but I just felt like saying “but I have a pallet in my garage”. Of course she would have thought I was crazy, so I politely declined and decided to finally get on to turning said pallet into the beautiful piece of wall art floating around in my head.

You see, I had seen this on Pinterest:

Pallet Artwork -

Again with the Pinterest obsession. Gotta love it.

Cute right? And I had this mini pallet sitting in my garage, which came with something we had had delivered. As soon as I saw it I was in love as the wood was all weathered and awesome looking. It deserved to be more than just a pallet, it was too pretty.

So when I saw that picture on Pinterest, I had an Aha! moment (as I hope will happen for all of my hoarded posessions). I got to work and this is what came out of it:

To make the wooden base, I simply deconstructed my pallet, used two of the thinner pieces for the back and nailed the larger pieces on in strips (using the original nails too by the way, yeah I know I’m cheap).

For the actual painting, I freehanded some random tree-looking shapes (don’t plan, just jump right in there) and added some burgundy coloured circles. The burgundy colour was chosen because it was origanlly supposed to go in our master bedroom, but we have since decided we’d rather not risk having it fall on our heads during the night. I then drybrushed some white over top of the burgundy for interest, just so the colour wasn’t completely flat.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out. The only problem I have now is if it isn’t going to be hung in our bedroom, where should we put it?


Do you love pallets as much as I do? Or do you fall in love with things because you can see their beautiful potential?


Nicola xx

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3 Responses to Repurpose: Pallet to Wall Art

  1. Debs says:

    Wow I LOVE this! Wonder if I can get hold of a pallet…. :D

  2. Nat says:

    Great blog – yay you for sharing your creativity with the world. You’re so clever! :o ) Is it possible to subscribe to your blog so I get notified of updates…?

    • Nicola says:

      Hey Nat, thanks for reading! In the top right-hand corner by the search box, there is a little RSS feed logo. If you click that, it should give you the option to subscribe to my RSS feed. There are a few ways you can do that, using Google Reader is one, but I like to follow blogs using Live Bookmark which adds a folder to your bookmarks and they all appear in there. I have a folder called blogs on my bookmarks toolbar across the top (firefox) which makes it really easy to keep track of them all! Let me know if you get stuck, I’ll be happy to help. Which reminds me, I better add a contact page!

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